1-Gereme Route; Hidden heaven at hillside of Erciyes.

Gereme Route which is 16 km length starts at Tekir Kapı of Erciyes ski resort and by passing respectiuely through Samatlı p/ateau, Aksu p/ateau, Üç Tepelerand Zambak brook, is being completed by reaching to Gereme ruins. At this route there are also two different alternatiue connection trekking routes. Main route and one altematiue route continious /rom the le/t side of Üç Tepeler, other alternatiue route which is 14 km continues at the right side of Uç Tepeler.

At the route ajter passing the Zambak brook by foUowing the appaered foot path, tents and fountain will meet you. Thisfountain is a suitab/e place fora break. Here you can take pictures and obserue life o/ loool emigraıers and you mayfind an oportunutiy to purchase daily natura/ dairy produets depending on the season.

Gereme ruiııs fomıerly named as Spistra. is an important built up areafrom ancient time /ocated at the South hillside of Mt. Erciyes. Aqueducts which were found during the sea.rching of w:ı:ıer underground shows the sim o/ ıhe catastrophe iıı the area. Gereme, an importıınt relegional center during the christianity perWd is located 12 km at north of Develi uillage and aı the south hil/side of Mt Erciyes. This area which has 2.000·2.500 meters altitute is surrounded by hil/s such as Kilise Tepe, Gök Tepe and Kartın Tepe. in this a.rea first Prot/J Hitities, Hitities, Asurs, Phrygians and Romans liued. Ruins today are /rom Byzanıines.

Ouer time, as a. result of natura/ disa.sıers, city and many of the sanduaries were destroyed. From the ruins it is understood that the city inhabiıed by each circ/es. Some of the upper parts of temp/es and houses are stili standing giues hint tıJ researchers. Roman style aqueducts and co/ums of St. Paul church /ocated on the regVn’s dominant peak are stili standing. lt is esıimated t/J be the ruins of the Gemere palace buildings’s wa.1/s areforced to suroiue.

2-Sut Donduran Route

Route starts at the gondola t/Jp stat/on at 2600 meters at Hacılar gate. of Mt. Erciyes has a medium difTu::ulty leuel ends by rea.ching Sut Donduran cha.let af ter 7,5 km of walking. You will be amazed by ever changing of Mt Erciyes uiew. Ajter passing the Peri Kartın hill route continious aı ıhe direction of Oglak Kıran Hill. Carry on walking by keeping Oglak Kıran hill at your right and ridge of Sagsakallık hiU at your left. By passing hi/1 of Oglak Kıran Sutdonduran hill meets you anıt after cha/et will be seen. Before walking down tıJ cha/et if you carry on direction of Mt Erciyes 2,6 km g/acier route can be w:ı:lked. As we/1 as chalet is a conuenient stopouer point anda good place for accomendation it is a/so point of distribution of other routes. According to your cfwi::e it is possib/e to continue walking to the Sarı göl or Kızıloren direcıions

3-Kırlangıç Vadi Route (Swallow Valley Route); Wondeifull UJOrd of swa.lows

This route that the starting point is Tekirentrance gate has 16 km tıJtal length. Route starts by keeping MtErciyes at rt,ht side a.nd Mt Koc at left side. A joumey sta.rts to naıural beauty a.long with the brook accompanies during the walking. it is possible to see the bridges and water carrier cfw.nrıe/sfrom Byzantines. Wateıfalls in the area giııes a nouel touch to our joumey.
This region is a suiıable a.reafor hiking with rope a.nd here a./so possible to get dou.m wiıh ropefrom wateıfal/s in the ualley. You will enj)y wa/king in meeting area. of green a.nd blue. This is a dif]icult rouıe which is offering phot/J oportunuties in many dğferenı wa.ys.
This ualley has tııken her name from the swallows. Thousands of swallows in the ualey will accompany you while you are wa.lking. Another aspecı of this uaUey is the weeds growing here. Tfw.nks tıJ these weeds horses are growing uigorous. Therefore it is known that here it has been growing h-Orses for Caesar’s amıy.

4-Sangol (Yellow Lake) Route; Homeland ofwild horses

According ro a legend silk road was passing through the area of yellow lake. Suıface of this lake is frozen in the winter. Rome Emperor gold Carauan was passing on this lake. Fro-zen suıface ofthe /ı;ıke is broken in consequence oj the weight of the ca.rauan and ca.ravan went down in the lake, golds in the lake giues the yel/ow co/or of this lake. After this euent Yellow Lake name is giuen to this lake.
This crater lake known as SarıGôl e:ıccept the people in the region it is not uery well known.. Wild horses andjl-Ock oj sheeps are being watered here in the summer.

5-Lifos Route; Civilization at summits

Lijos Route starting point Hacılar entrance gate is ouıward and inward totaly 8 km. This rouıe is hosting by combining Erciyes and Kayseri uiews. MtLifos among the peop/e known as llifos and Kifos has a different bea.uty. Lifos, is a name ofa residenta.l p/ace in the history. Lifos is /amous with its public baths and according to rumours first soap in the world was used here.
There are two exıremity at South a.nd North part of Lğos and in the midd/e there is a. large crater. This top area of the Lijos is surrounded by ramparts. Lenght of these ramparts is 1.050 Meter. There are 66 towers on these ramparts. Mu/ti room buildings stand in the midd/e. The /argest and multi·room building is close the the ea.stpart. Number of the most of thesingle roomed building is more than 100.

6-Koc Dagi Route: Erciyes's faithful friend

Tekir Gate is the starting point of this route has a medium level of difficulty. After the stıırting point you pass Tekir Plateau, small brooks and waterfalls in this route an opportuniıy of an amusing walking is waiting for you. You will enjoy taking photos of Mt Erciyes. This is an excellent route for the trekking lowers spending a lovely day with irreplaceable Erciyes view and natural beauties

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